I like reading, writing, and reblogging.

Today the New York Times published a story about The Great Gatsby and its covers, and it said that there are 500,000 copies of The Great Gatsby sold every year. So I wondered on Twitter how much of that was just because it is required reading for a significant portion of the American population.

Then I started talking on Twitter with Laura from The Girl and Her Books about how this affects book sales.

Then I decided to try to figure it out for myself [unofficially, of course].

Then I realized that it is kind of impossible to figure out how many copies of a book is sold annually without contacting the publishers of every book individually. [If I am wrong, PLEASE TELL ME]

Then I got sad that I would have this question in my head with no answer. :(

Here ends the story of how Rincey chooses to spend her Friday afternoons when she doesn’t have work to finish.